Sunday, July 26, 2015

Who doesn't love The Kid President?

Hey y'all!

I was watching Hope King's periscope the other night about her classroom set up. She went over her inspiration wall with different quotes. Basically what she does is she has some great quotes framed above her board but they are all covered up at the beginning of the year. One by one, she reveals a quote and has the kids jot down what they think that it means! What a great idea, right?! So, I took that idea and I'm going to do that too. I have made several packs of Kid President quotes and put them up in my TPT store. Some have one set, some have two or three (color coordinating) and then there is a big bundle so you can get ALL of them. Each bundle has the same quotes just different colors. Isn't this such a fun idea?

I think we'll use it during our class meetings this year. We'll make a big deal about 'unveiling' them and then the kids won't be able to stop writing! Plus, who doesn't love The Kid President?

Anywho, once they are up and framed in my room, I'll upload a picture here but until then, hop on over to my store and find a set that works for you!

What are your favorite quotes to inspire kiddos?

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