Sunday, July 12, 2015


Hey y'all!

It feels like the last few years I have had the best of intentions to blog throughout the year and I guess life happens and blogging doesn't. However, with this thing that is PERISCOPE, I'm hoping I'll be held accountable to blog from time to time. 

Here's a little about me and who I am.
 I graduated in May 2009 from Texas Tech University  with a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I got a job teaching K-5 resource in the North Dallas area. After a year of doing that, I was given an opportunity to teach in a 3-5 partially self contained classroom. I stayed in that position (although it quickly became a 1st-5th and then ended in K-2) until the end of the 2013-2014 school year. In August 2014 I took the plunge to go to first grade and have loved it. As much as I do love it, I will go back to SPED at some point because that is where my heart is. 

I met my husband, we'll call him Chief (he was in the Navy and got out at that ranking) and got married in October 2011. We had a little boy, T, in January 2013 and had another sweet boy, O, in May 2015. 

I think I have a unique perspective on things in elementary because of having the SPED and gen ed frame of mind. Hint, hint!!! My upcoming blog posts that I have planned out are all about understanding the people you work with in education! 

Where are you guys from? What do you want to see on my blog? What topics would you like discussed. Don't forget to follow me on my social media outlets!!!

See y'all next time!!!

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